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Recommended Books & Blogs

NACAC Summer Reading List
Guide to Most Competitive Colleges - Barrons
The College Finder - David Antonoff
Fiske Guide to the Colleges - Edward Fiske
Insiders Guide to the Colleges - Yale Daily Press
Colleges That Changes Lives - Loren Pope 
Where You Go is Not Who You Will Be - Frank Bruni

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Additional Resources

Supporting Native American Students
     Supporting Native American Students – by Danielle Yepa Gunderson  |  uploaded June 18, 2018

How to Make the Most out of a College Fair
     Michelle Rasich, Director of College Counseling, Rowland Hall, SLC, Utah

2019 New Mexico Roadmaps

Creating a Connected Culture
     Lisa McVann, Soña Saiz, Merrilee Saige - Las Cruces, NM
University of New Mexico School of Engineering
     Engineering Resources Handout
     Why Computer Science for NM Students?
     Engineering: It's for more students than you think
     Why Study Engineering?
     Mechanical Engineering
     What is Nuclear Engineering?
     Stefi Weisburd, Outreach and Education Manager, School of Engineering, University of New Mexico

Understanding and Serving Native American Students
     Danielle Yepa Gunderson, Associate Director of College Counseling, Director of Native American Studies

The University of New Mexico - Honors College
     UNM Honors College
     UNM Honors Activity