Admission Practices

Greetings from the Admission Practices Committee!

Thank you for your concerns. Please read the information below before contacting the RMACAC Admission Practices Chair, Erica Johnson.

Inquiries regarding individuals and institutions that are not members of RMACAC should be sent to the AP Chair for the regional affiliate in which the school resides or to the NACAC Executive Director, 1050 N Highland Street, Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22201.

NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission is the conscience of our profession. It can guide our actions in the face of current and emerging pressures. It empowers us to build trust and find common ground while we work to ensure that every student’s dignity, worth, and potential are realized in the transition to postsecondary education. While this guide is intended to state what NACAC members believe are the best, ethical practices for conducting the admission process, we believe they are applicable to all admission professionals. For a more clear understanding as to how the GEPCA came about, please visit the NACAC website

Upcoming Events

Join the RMACAC Admissions Practices committee and RMACAC members to learn about NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admissions (GEPCA). Attendees will learn to promote, advocate, and model the spirit of the Guide to Ethical Practice. The focus is on understanding GEPCA, how to advocate for ethical practices, and how to tackle dilemmas that arise in our profession. This session is geared for college admissions professionals in the first five years of their careers.  

August 8, 2023 | 2:00 - 3:30p MDT 


2:00 pm | Welcome and Introductions 
2:15 pm | Understanding the Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admissions 
2:30 pm | Discussion of ethical dilemmas 
3:00 pm | Group discussion 
3:20 pm | Wrap-up