Overview of Committees

RMACAC’s mission is served through the work of many committees, each of which has a chair and a group of volunteers from around our five-state region. Below is a list of each committee and the chairperson. 

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Admissions Practices Committee

The Admission Practices Committee educates RMACAC members about the NACAC Guide to Ethical Practices in College Admission as a blueprint for respectful, sound practices in admissions. We'll be conducting workshops for members, and fostering conversations on best ethical practices to serve everyone in the admissions landscape, from students and families to school counselors and community-based organizations, to post-secondary partners. Come join us! If interested, contact AP Chair, Erica Johnson.  

Admissions Practices Chair:

Valentina Rojas Gutierrez, Westminster University, UT


Advancement Committee 

The committee chair is responsible for initiating and overseeing RMACAC fundraising activities. The main duties include setting policies, priorities, and goals for fundraising programs for the current fiscal year and review the ongoing performance of each campaign. Advancement committee members will assist with:

  • Identifying possible partners for sponsorship and exhibitors
  • Maintaining relationships with past exhibitors and sponsors
  • Identifying possible fundraising opportunities for RMACAC
  • Working closely with exhibitors and sponsors before and during the annual conference

Advancement Committee Chair:
Abby Tudor, Northern Arizona University, AZ


College Fair Committee

The RMACAC College Fairs Committee organizes the Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Roswell, Salt Lake City, and Tucson College Fairs. In addition, the committee collaborates with secondary and post-secondary institutions, Colleges That Change Lives, and NACAC in order to coordinate and maintain a regional college fair calendar. Please see College Fairs for detailed information regarding upcoming fairs. 

College Fair Chair:
Brooke Gabrielli, Cherokee Trail High School, CO

Local Hosts Committee:
Danielle Yepa Gunderson, Albuquerque local chair, Sandia Prep School
Stephanie Cornelio, Colorado Springs local chair, Pine Creek High School
Brooke Gabrielli, Denver local chair, Cherokee Trail High School
Diana Miller, Phoenix East local chair, Corona del Sol High School
Jennifer Velez, Phoenix West local chair, Arizona State University
Quincy "Q" Otuafi, Salt Lake City local chair, Westminster University
Carey Eskesen, Tucson local chair, The Gregory School

College Fair Prep Committee
Sara Strickland, City Academy Charter School, UT


Communications Committee 

This committee chair shall lead the team responsible for marketing and communication of RMACAC activities and issues through various media, sit on RMACAC Conference Committee, and serve as RMACAC’s communications representative to NACAC. Committee members will: 

  • Assist in designing and developing content for a quarterly newsletter
  • Assist in the management of all RMACAC social media accounts
  • Design and implement social media campaigns for RMACAC events
  • Update and maintain the RMACAC website
  • Management digital and print communications
  • Design promotional materials for RMACAC
  • Plan and execute RMACAC communication calendar

Communications Committee Chair: 
Hannah Haage, Northern Arizona University (based in Denver, CO) 

Communications Committee:
Kylie Rigdon, 
University of Tennessee, Knoxville (based in Denver, CO) 
Andrew Psaltis, University of Oklahoma (based in Denver, CO)
Sara Strickland, City Academy Charter School, UT


Conference Planning Committee

Conference Planning Committee is responsible for the coordination of the annual spring RMACAC conference. This includes professional development sessions, social gatherings, college tours, and pre-conference workshops.

Conference Planning Committee Chair: 
Jon Mires, Hastings College (based in CO)

Conference Planning Committee:

Brittney Baker-Brousseau, University of Utah, Pre-Conference Co-Lead
Stephanie Brazinsky, South High School
Julie Fleming, Pikes Peak State College, Volunteers Lead, College Tours Co-Lead
Zulema Fragoso, Nogales High School, Pre-Conference Co-Lead
Brooke Gabrielli, Cherokee Trail High School, College Fair Lead
Julie Kutsner, Cheyenne Mountain High School, College Tours Co-Lead
Adrienne Loveland, University of Wyoming (Based in CO), Socials Lead
Alex Nuñez, WA Franke Honors College, University of Arizona, Programming Lead
Kylie Rigdon, University of Tennessee (Based in CO), Communications Lead
Sara Strickland, City Academy Charter School, Treasurer/Budget Lead
Abby Tudor, Northern Arizona University, Sponsorships Lead
Diane Campbell, Liberty Common High School
Katie Cannon, University of Oregon (Based in CO)
Justin Duval, Oklahoma State University (Based in CO)
Erica Johnson, Westminster University
Frank Laro, University of Denver
Jen Rause, Independent Counselor


Finance Committee

Finance Committee is chaired by the President and includes the Treasurer, the President-Elect, the Past President, College Fair Committee Chair, and the Professional Development Chair. The committee monitors the finances of the organization in accordance with RMACAC Financial Policy.

Finance Committee Chair:
Sara StricklandCity Academy Charter School, UT

Kylie Rigdon, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, based in CO

Committee Members:
Frank Laro, University of Denver, CO
Jon Mires, Hastings College, based in CO
Diane Campbell, Liberty Common High School, CO
Abby Tudor, Northern Arizona University, AZ
Brooke Gabrielli, Cherokee Trail High School, CO
Hannah Haage, Northern Arizona University, based in CO
Zulema Fragoso, Nogales High School, AZ
Justin Duval, Oklahoma State University, based in CO
Brittany Baker-Brousseau, University of Utah, UT


Governance and Nominating Committee

Governance and Nominating Committee is chaired by the Past President and also includes the President and the President-Elect.  The Governance and Nominating Committee recommends amendments to the Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws to the Executive Board who then presents them to Voting Members. This committee also reviews upcoming openings on the Executive Board and nominates a slate for each position subject to election by Voting Members.

Governance and Nominating Committee Chair:
Frank Laro, University of Denver, CO


Government Relations Committee

This committee communicates information regarding school and college admission counseling to federal and state legislative bodies and acts as a liaison to the government on behalf of RMACAC. The committee will establish state and regional advocacy efforts to promote our organization’s mission, as well as educate members on current issues and legislation pertaining to college admissions and higher education. 

The Government Relations committee is currently looking for committee members for each state in the RMACAC region. 

Government Relations Chair:
Nick Grenoble, Waterford School, UT

Government Relations Committee:

Stephanie Brazinsky, Denver South High School
Laura Romer, University of Oregon, based in AZ
Catherine Emmerling, Xavier College Preparatory, AZ
Damonta Madden, University of Colorado Boulder, CO
Emily Weiss, Denver Scholarship Foundation, CO
Angelica Lopez-Rodriguez, Denver Scholarship Foundation, CO
Katie Damas, Denver Scholarship Foundation, CO
Marissa Salazar, Colorado College CO
Valentia Rojas, Westminster University, UT
John O'Connor, Natrona County High School, WY


IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) Committee 

IDEA Committee develops programs that will assist in the expansion of access to post-secondary educational opportunities for those who have traditionally been underrepresented. Committee members will: 

  • Review and select recipients for RMACAC Professional Development Scholarship
  • Review and select recipients for RMACAC Student Scholarship
  • Organize quarterly events and initiatives on diversity and access relations

IDEA Chair: Zulema Fragoso, Nogales High School, AZ

IDEA Committee:
Adrienne Loveland, University of Wyoming, based in Denver, CO
John O'Connor, Natrona County High School, WY
Lee Nuckolls, Ransom Everglades School, FL, based in NM
Xvania Esquivel, University of Arizona, AZ
Morgan Champie, University High School, AZ
Martha Hughes, United Way of Central New Mexico, NM


Membership Committee

Membership Committee is responsible for membership recruitment and reporting for RMACAC; coordinates membership promotional activities and materials for RMACAC; serve as RMACAC’s Membership representative to NACAC.

Membership Committee Chair:
Justin Duval, Oklahoma State University, based in CO


Mentorship Committee 

The Mentorship Committee is currently seeking new representatives to help build the mentorship program in each RMACAC state. Committee members will

  • Participate in quarterly calls to review and match Mentorship Program applicants 
  • Prepare for Mentorship calls by reviewing any materials provided by the chair prior to the call 
  • Follow up with any Mentorship pairs assigned to ensure the success of the program
  • Help build Mentorship marketing materials and recruit participation in the program

Mentorship Chair:
Katie Cannon, University of Oregon, based in CO


Professional Development Committee

The committee chair is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing programs for secondary and post-secondary high school and college counselors. Our goal to have informative and relevant programs that provide members with opportunities that promote learning and networking. Committee members work alongside the professional development chair on projects like:

  • Planning and implementing the RMACAC Roadmap events
  • Planning the annual RMACAC on the Road Bus Tour
  • Creating future professional development opportunities as needed

Professional Development Chair:  
Brittany Baker-Brousseau, University of Utah, UT


Tribal Institution Relations Committee

The committee chair is responsible for overseeing the collaboration of education professionals ranging from college counselors (public, private, charter schools), admissions, community-based organizations, and more, who work with Native American and Indigenous students in the five RMACAC states. The chair and committee work together toward establishing the vision of creating ideas, initiatives, and network opportunities with advocacy for Native American and Indigenous students with other educational professionals.

Tribal Institution Relations Chair:  
Sam Bader, Navajo Preparatory School, NM

Tribal Institution Relations Committee:
Danielle Yepa Gunderson, Sandia Preparatory School, NM
Marcus Cyrus | Native American Culture & Equity Specialist, Denver South High School, CO
Janet Kinsey | AVID District Director, Baboquivari High School, AZ
Pedro Ramirez, Associate Director for Outreach & Access, Colorado College, CO
Sam Ritter | Director, Davis New Mexico Scholarship, NM
Anni Tedder, Associate Director of Diversity Outreach & Community Engagement, University of Utah, UT
Hannah Throssell | College/Career Counselor, Hasan Prep Native Charter School, AZ