Overview of Committees

RMACAC’s mission is served through the work of many committees, each of which has a chair and a group of volunteers from around our five state region. Below is a list of each committee and the chairperson. 

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Admission Practices Committee

Admission Practices Committee investigates, with the assistance of the NACAC A.P. committee, allegations of violations of the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice which are brought to its attention by means of written notification; seeks to resolve these allegations by communication with the organization, individual, or institution who is alleged to be in violation and seeks to agree on alternate practices which will be in compliance with the statement; refers cases where resolutions of violations has not occurred in a reasonable amount of time; maintains confidentiality.

Admissions Practices Chair:
Katie Carroll, University of Wyoming & Lynn Ossowski, Salpointe Catholic High School

Advancement Committee 

The committee chair is responsible for initiating and overseeing RMACAC fundraising activities. The main duties include setting policies, priorities, and goals for fundraising programs for the current fiscal year and review the ongoing performance of each campaign. Advancement committee members will assist with:

  • Identifying possible partners for sponsorship and exhibitors
  • Maintaining relationships with past exhibitors and sponsors
  • Identifying possible fundraising oppotuniites for RMACAC
  • Working closely with exhibitors and sponsors before and during the annual conference

Advancement Committee Chair:  Jill Corbin, Denver Academy

College Fair Committee

The committee chair liaises with the National College Fair Coordinator for events in the region, communicates with the “site coordinator” for each of the RMACAC College Fairs, informs the Executive Board of the status of each of the RMACAC college fairs, and coordinates with the RMACAC Treasurer to provide the Executive Board with a financial report for each of the fairs within a reasonable time after each fair’s completion.  Each college fair has a local chair who is in charge of their particular college fair.  Committee members will:

  • Assist local college fair chair in planning/organizing details for the college fair
  • Assist on the day of the college fair as needed
  • Assist in making sure all college fairs rules and regulations are being followed by college fair participants

College Fair Chair:  Derek Faasse, University of Alabama

Communications Committee 

This committee chair shall lead the team responsible for marketing and communication of RMACAC activities and issues through various media, sit on RMACAC Conference Committee, and serve as RMACAC’s communications representative to NACAC.  Committee members will: 

  • Assist in designing and developing content for quarterly newsletter
  • Assist in management of all RMACAC social media accounts
  • Design and implement social media campaigns for RMACAC events
  • Update and maintain the RMACAC website

Communications Chair:  Angelica Delgadillo, Valley High School

Conference Planning Committee

Conference Planning Committee is responsible for the coordination of the annual spring RMACAC conference. This includes professional development sessions, social gatherings, college tours and pre-conference workshops.

Conference Planning Chair (President-Elect):  Julio Mata, Miami University

Finance Committee

Finance Committee is chaired by the President and includes the Treasurer, the President-Elect, the Past President, College Fair Committee Chair, and the Professional Development Chair. The committee monitors the finances of the organization in accordance with RMACAC Financial Policy.

Governance and Nominating Committee

Governance and Nominating Committee is chaired by the Past President and also includes the President and the President-Elect.  The Governance and Nominating committee recommends amendments to the Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws to the Executive Board who then presents them to Voting Members. This committee also reviews upcoming openings on the Executive Board and nominates a slate for each position subject to election by Voting Members.

Government Relations Committee

This committee communicates information regarding school and college admission counseling to federal and state legislative bodies and acts as a liaison to government on behalf of RMACAC. The committee will establish state and regional advocacy efforts to promote our organization’s mission, as well as educate members on current issues and legislation pertainint to college admissions and higher education. 

The Government Relations committee is currently looking for committee members for each state in the RMACAC region. 

Government Relations Chair:  Lacey Fricker, Scottsdale Christian Academy

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) Committee 

IDEA Committee develops programs that will assist in the expansion of access of Post-secondary educational opportunities for those who have traditionally been underrepresented.

IDEA Chair:  Tyler Cegler, Northern Arizona University

Membership Committee

Membership Committee is responsible for membership recruitment and reporting for RMACAC; coordinates membership promotional activities and materials for RMACAC; serve as RMACAC’s Membership representative to NACAC.

Membership Chair:  Will Schiffelbein, Colorado College

Mentorship Committee 

The Mentorship Committee is currently seeking new representatives to help build the mentorship program in each RMACAC state.  Committee members will

  • Participate on quarterly calls to review and match Mentorship Program applicants 
  • Prepare for Mentorship calls by reviewing any materials provided by the chair prior to the call 
  • Follow up with any Mentorship paris assigned to ensure success of the program
  • Help build Mentorship marketing materials and recruit participation in the program

Mentorship Chair:  Coral Azarian, Rowland Hall

Professional Development Committee

The committee chair is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing programs for secondary and post-secondary high school and college counselors. Our goal to have informative and relevant programs that provide members with opportunities that promote learning and networking. Committee members work alongside the professional development chair on projects like:

  • Planning and implementing the RMACAC Roadmap events
  • Planning the annual RMACAC Bus Tour
  • Designing social media campaigns for events
  • Creating future professional development opportunities as needed

Professional Development Chair:  NaTasha Henry, Arizona State University