New Professionals

Welcome to the profession! Whether we work in high schools, at colleges or universities, as an independent education consultant, at a community-based organization, or any of the other ways to be involved in education, there is a lot that goes into this profession. At RMACAC, we want professionals newer to the field to have a resource to find answers to the various questions that will evitability pop up. 

Getting Connected

The field of college counseling can feel vast and tiny all at once. Making connections is one way to grow your network and find supports and partnerships along the way.

RMACAC's Mentorship Program
RMACAC members can elect to participate either as a mentor or mentee. The program lasts for six months, but parings can, and often do, continue their relationship afterwards.

RMACAC is always looking for volunteers. Whether you are looking for a short-term commitment (volunteering at conference) or something more substantial (joining a committee), volunteering provides you the opportunity to see "behind the curtain" of RMACAC and make connections in various areas of our industry.

Commonly Used Acronyms/Phrases


  • NACAC - National Association of College Admission Counseling
    • NACAC is the governing body that supports admissions and counseling professionals, advocates for college admission practices that are in the best interest of students and members, and provides a guideline of ethical practices.
  • RMACAC - Rocky Mountain Association of College Admission Counseling
    • RMACAC is the Rocky Mountain affiliate of NACAC. The states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming are represented in our affiliate. 
    • For other regional affiliates, click here.
  • NARAC - National Association of Regional Admissions Counselors

Commonly Heard Terms

  • FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Case Study - a program where college admissions professionals will walk through the various pieces of the college application and explain what colleges look for in each section; sometimes, students and parents are put in the role of admissions counselor to admit, waitlist, or deny the fictious applicants

Resource Websites

  • RepVisits - RepVisits allows high schools to easily set up their visit schedules and college fairs. College admissions personnel can search and sign up for visits and fairs with the click of a button.
  • Scoir - college access tool for high school students and high schools; high schools can set up visit schedules and colleges can easily sign up for visits at high schools

Conferences 101

 When is conference?

RMACAC's Annual Conference is held in the spring of each year. We partner with other local affiliates every few years for a SuperConference. The 2024 RMACAC Annual Conference will take place April 15-17 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

What happens at conference?

Annual Conference includes several educational sessions about various topics related to college counseling, vendor and sponsor showcases and exhibit halls, and lots and lots of networking. First time attendees have their own special session to attend at the beginning so you get all the information you want and need to make your experience a purposeful and exciting one! Pre-Conference sessions are offered for specific topics each year, a counselors' college fair for high school counselors and IECs to engage with participating post-secondary education options, and often college tours of local institutions are also available!

Who goes to conference?

RMACAC's conferences are open to any professional working in the field of college counseling, regardless of your role or specific area. Most of our sessions are geared towards those working in high schools, post-secondary institutions, community-based organizations, or as independent education consultants. First-year and seasoned professionals alike find value in coming to conference!

Why should I advocate to attend?

Annual Conference offers opportunities for all college admissions professionals to grow, develop, and expand their professional toolbox. The conference offers a Counselor's College Fair, a wide variety of SIG (special interest group) sessions, multiple educational sessions, first-timers' session, exhibitors hall, opening and closing socials, and networking with hundreds of professionals across our five-state region and beyond!

How do I convince my boss?

What should I expect?

Go in ready to learn and know you will have the freedom to get out of the conference what you hope to. You will choose how you use your time and what sessions and events to attend. Getting the most out of the conference depends on what you are looking for, and it is always a good idea to make time for both sessions and professional networking. There will be times planned for both of these, but don't be afraid to grab lunch with colleagues between sessions to further connect.   

Congratulations! You registered and will be joining us at Conference! Now what? 

  • Can't miss items: first-timers session, educational sessions, counselors' college fair
  • Good to go to: business lunch (aka membership meeting with free food!), exhibitor's social, conference social, 
  • Selecting a session
  • 2024 Conference Schedule - coming in September

Other popular conference options include:

  • NACAC - in early fall each year
  • HECA - for IECs
  • CIVSA - for post-secondary professionals also working in campus visits and information services