Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee communicates information regarding college admission counseling to federal and state legislative bodies and acts as a liaison to legislative committees or officers of other like-minded organizations. The committee develops a state/regional advocacy network to educate members on post-secondary education issues and priorities.

Committee Chair

Stephanie Brazinski
High School Counselor
Denver South High School
[email protected]

Committee Members

Upcoming Legislative Propositions


Arizona Proposition 308, In State Tuition for Non-Citizen Resident Measure will be on the ballot this November and aligns with the following NACAC and RMACAC legislative priority:

Student- and equity-centered admission practices

Undocumented Students 

Each year, several thousand undocumented students graduate high school, many of whom have lived in the United States since childhood. Following the 1982 Supreme Court decision in Plyer v. Doe, it has been the law of the land that public elementary and secondary schools must provide a free and appropriate education to all children, regardless of their legal status. 

NACAC and RMACAC believe that making higher education accessible to these individuals is the right thing to do -- from both humanitarian and economic perspectives. Higher education has been linked to healthier, happier lives and increased civic participation. From a fiscal outlook, investing in higher education results in strong economic returns, for individuals and also for society. Median earnings for bachelor's degree holders are 64% higher than those for high school graduates, and college graduates typically pay 134% more in federal income taxes than non-degree holders. 

Please make sure that you are registered to vote and remember to vote so that you can make your voice heard especially related to issues that support our students!

Federal and State Legislative Contacts

Arizona Legislative Action Center

Colorado Legislative Action Center

New Mexico Legislative Action Center

Utah Legislative Action Center

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